Wholesale plush toys Europe Otto-toys

Wholesale plush toys Europe

Wholesale plush toys Europe - Czech Republic.

Otto-toys was created 1996. We trade China, Indonesia and all over Europe.

Plush toys quality
For years Otto-toys wholesale toy has been selling only quality and luxurious toys. Thanks to our experience and reliable foreign partners, we pay attention to the quality of any plush toys. The toys that our wholesaler sells are always soft and from high quality plush. Another criterion is harmlessness. Every plush toys goes through strict control of harmlessness. The result is that moms and kids do not have to worry about buying our plush toys.

The lowest prices on the wholesale plush toy market in Europe.
We do not promise impossible, but our wholesale toy prices are the lowest among in all of Europe. It is possible to take advantage of the quantity purchases and thus the more advantageous wholesale price.
Wholesale distribution is mainly focused on further wholesale cooperation and retail chains.

Wholesale plush toys Europe

Wholesale toys Europe